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Established in 1995

The Muslim Community Radio is a multicultural and multilingual Islamic radio station. It broadcasts to the Sydney community in general while incorporating elements that target the Islamic community of Sydney. It first transmitted twenty-four hours a day during the month of Ramadan of 1995 and has continued to broadcast during every month of Ramadan and Dhul-hijja (Pilgrimage month). In addition, in 1997 Muslim Community Radio was broadcasting on every Friday of that year until the introduction of the temporary broadcast community license (TBCL). Muslim Community Radio currently broadcasts 24 hours 365 days a year covering all Islamic events. Because Arabic/Lebanese is, according to statistics, the major ethnic language communicated among the Muslims in Sydney, understandably the radio programs are primarily transmitted in the Arabic and English languages with spots of other community languages, evolving in pace with demand.

Financially, Muslim Community Radio is Self-Reliant

Muslim Community Radio depends in a major way on listener's support allowing less dominant support from the commercial sector. This policy upholds Muslim Community Radio's principle objective whereby community needs remain paramount to commercial imperatives. This state of financial independence reserves for Muslim Community Radio the privilege of establishing policies, producing programs and concluding administrative decisions relative to the needs and interests of the community, Australia's society and primarily the ACMA regulations, regardless to commercial gain.
Technical Resource

Muslim Community Radio is among the leaders in its continued embrace of the latest and most innovative technical resources used in the sector. Furthermore, Muslim Community Radio owns more than one studio and all amenities including the elementary and complementary equipment. This has been the result of an intricate balancing act, implemented over the years by the expertise of its qualified financial controllers and a commitment in keeping up with its state of independence and modern technology. Muslim Community Radio exercises all resources in providing the community with information and services partial with Australian policies.

Muslim Community Radio is rich in Human Resources

Muslim Community Radio has a significant number of expert personals, in addition to the vested skills acquired by other fully trained crew members and volunteer workers. Behind the scenes, Muslim Community Radio is directed by an independent committee led by qualified financial controllers and other qualified community figures sought to represent the community and address Australia's social interests. Its human resources include qualified personnel such as Medical Practitioners, Computer Engineers, Civil Engineers, Journalists, Teachers, Welfare workers, Health experts such as nurses and mid wives and many others renowned in the community for other extensive and diverse skills. Muslim Community Radio comes to life with the charisma of its highly educated, talented, and committed team.