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A- Develop and broadcast religious programs, which provide

  • Coverage of all Muslim  religious festivities and celebrations.
  • Coverage of the daily Muslim calendar, which is essential for prayers and fasting.
  • Keeping the community, especially the youth abreast of their parents' culture and to provide senior  members with an atmosphere that have been familiar with  in their previous homeland. 
  • Positively influence the Muslim's attitude and conduct.
  • Unveil to the listeners the true essence of Islam.
  • Entertain , guide, and involve the youth in community activities. 
  • Project the true moderate view of Islam, and to steer listeners away from fanaticism and extremism.
  • Australian Islamic programs and songs otherwise not available in the local market.

B-Implement cultural program

  • Aiding in keeping the community in touch with their own cultures, hence resulting in building solid ground got them to reflect on Australia as being a home they can relate to.

C-Implement social and educational programs

  • To inform and encourage our communities to know and abide by Australian laws in general.
  • Provide the community with social information such as employment ,housing etc.
  • Familiarising the community with the education policy & encourage the youth to continue and further their education .

D-Implement varieties of children's programs

  • Prepared and done mainly by children to increase their general knowledge, culture understanding and build their confidence with positive orientation through entertainment and competition.
  • Produce appropriate songs for children to help them understand their culture.

E-Broadcast Medical and Health programs

  • Increase the community awareness of medical issues such as diabetes, breast cancer etc., in conjunction with various health authorities.
  • Inform and make the community members aware of the medical facilities available to them , often unknown due to the language barrier.

F-Implement sporting and youth programs

  • Encourage youth to participate in community works.
  • Direct youth attention towards healthy activity such as sports venues.
  • Drug awareness programs targeting youth.

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